How to Get Unforgettable Moments in Bed From a Scientific Point of View

What sex would be, if you could not touch your partner , hear his voice or see his face ? Remember that each of us have five senses - hearing, vision, smell , touch and taste - all of them play an important role during sex. "One of the main reasons why sex becomes stale , is that partners tend to forget that they have the senses " - says sex therapist Sari Cooper. If you want to diversify your sex life , follow these tips .


As a rule , the vision is the first sense that we use when meeting with a man . Thanks to the vision we find attractive features and admire the look of a partner. " During sex, keep your eyes open : it will establish a deeper emotional connection " - advise sexologists. However, if you want, you can close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations .


The skin is the most sensitive organ in our body . " In the skin, there is a huge number of receptors that respond to pressure, temperature , or pain " - says sex therapist in New York Madeleine Castellanos . "When you touch a loved one , the signal goes to a special area of ​​the brain , and formed a sense of pleasure."

The most pleasant feeling arise when stroking the abdomen, back , chest, touching with the tips of the fingers, forehead and the thighs . Typicaly men prefer a rougher touch , and women - more gentle .


According to the study , couples who during sex, listen to songs with a sexual context , find their partner more attractive.Sexual song can enhance sexual desire. Do not forget to tell your partner that he is wonderful and how good you feel with him, do not hesitate to voice your sexual fantasies .


Our taste buds are working not only with food , but also during sex. During kissing you feel the taste of the lips and saliva of your partner. According the study , men's saliva contains a small amount of testosterone, which when getting into a woman's body , enhances sexual arousal. In addition, you can experiment with different flavors during oral sex.


Each person has a unique smell. Best of all you can feel it in the morning, before your partner takes a shower . Strengthen sexual desire can not only be achieved  by the partner's smell, but also by other odors , for example, lavender or pumpkin. Use scented candles or a body lotion.

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