Christmas Candles Diptyque

Christmas Candles Diptyque. The limited collection devoted to tales of "1001 Nights" and the culture of Persia. In 1961 Saint-Germain-des-Prés has its first store Diptyque. Scents of that House can be found in every second home in France. From their vast collection, one can choose perfume for any taste.

By Christmas they released a limited collection of candles for holiday homes. Candals are placed in glass bottles with prints resemble to designs of Persian carpets.When it is light, a pattern on it drops amazing shadows. Each candle fragrance has notes of galbanum, saffron, ginger and Somali incense.

Create a cozy and magical atmosphere of Christmas and New Year, fill the house with spicy and mysterious aroma.

Diptyque Christmas Candles also can be a perfect gift.

Ulia U

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