Anne Hathaway's style from the "Golden Globe"

Anne Hathaway's make-up artist Kate Lee created a makeup that highlighted the features of Anne and came into no conflict with a white dress from Chanel.
Makeup of the actress was selected to the white Chanel dress,
which Anne had chosen only the day before.

It was decided to create the effect of a glowing skin from the inside, to emphasize and highlight the eyebrows lipstick.

In general, over the last year Anne Hathaway have been choosing outfits that style can be described as hollywood chic. Among other things, we especially remember the satin dress with open back Givenchy Couture, bright pink silk shift dress from the latest collection of Prada, chiffon dress to the floor with a floral print Valentino, pale green dress from Gucci.

Ulia U

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