Paris Fashion Week: Showing CHLOE, CELINE AND AKRIS spirng/summer 2014

In Paris continues the presentation of new collections spring-summer 2014 : Sunday shows at Fashion Week had a brand Chloe, Celine and Akris. Each brand completely differently interpreted the current trends of the spring and summer of 2014 - the designers presented the elegant minimalism, expressionism and bright , monochrome and vivid prints, discreet cut and sexy silhouettes.

Chloe creative director Hannah MacGibbon continues to follow the philosophy of the brand : the collection of soothing images in " natural " colors. MacGibbon almost completely abandoned the use of bright colors and vibrant prints - a bet was made on the monochrome marsh , blue , gray, and their countless shades .

Celine brand presented a collection based on the opposite emphasis. Eye-catching prints, like intense strokes expressionist painter , decorating every model of the show. They used techniques and colorblock combination of incongruous , bulky sweatshirts  with asymmetrical skirts , pleated dresses and coats.

Akris hose the main print for Spring-Summer 2014 - animalistic ornament. Tight sexy silhouettes - maxi dresses , flying skirts and dresses with slits , dresses were made of the silk fabrics in warm colors - beige , caramel , golden- yellow . Designer showed stripe in a new way , introducing the popular pattern in the ethno style. The collection reminded of the safari suites , complemented by elegant hats , " helmets " .

Ulia U

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