Roberto Cavalli's beetles 2012/2013

Roberto Cavalli's beetles brooch

A big-name fashion house Roberto Cavalli has released a line of jewellery encrusted with Swarovski crystals with nostalgia for the beautiful summer time.

Roberto Cavalli's beetles 2012/2013
Roberto Cavalli Beetles
In Roberto Cavalli's jewellery collection you can find all the variety of plant and animal world. Bracelets and brooches, earrings and rings made with floral patterns from graceful dragonflies to tiny lizards. The creators of jewellery did not forget about beetles and rhinoceros beetles. Despite the name, these ornaments look pretty, cute and original.

It is possible that the designers did not just selected as "models" certain insects and reptiles. For example, the ancient Romans believed that the stag beetle is able to protect against disease. A lizard in ancient Greece was considered a symbol of divine wisdom and good fortune. So these things can not be just an ornament, but talismans.

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