Compact powder - a necessary beauty-product in the arsenal of every girl, the importance of it is obvious today as ever - matte face colour is again a beauty-trend number 1. In addition to its main function - fixing make-up - a modern powder gives skin radiance, moisturizes and protects against aggressive environmental factors due to various "smart" components.


It is very important to choose the powder that meets your requirements. Different types of powders perform different tasks:

Loose powder creates a lightweight translucent velvet veil on his face. It does not correct uneven colour , but mattes the skin. In applying this powder it is difficult to overdo and it is the perfect finishing element in the make-up. However, the loose powder is more suitable for home use and convenient to carry in your purse to correct your makeup for the day.

Powder in balls - it just can not be too much of it. In addition, this powder can be different: depending on changes in the tone of your skin, you can remove or add the necessary color balls .

Another variety - white, transparent powder. This powder does not do the color correction , but it is universal. It suits any skin tone , carefully mattes and smooths . Its composition generally contains only quartz powder. However, if you want to be photographed , be careful when applying excessive quartz dust can reflect the light from the flash , and you risk to have white spots in the photo.


It should be remembered that the powder is not a separate element of the make-up, it's main purpose - matting the skin and securing a creamy texture , so do not expect it to cover skin the same way as a foundation. If your goal is to correct imprefections , but you prefer powdery texture - choose compact foundation powder . It will not only make your skin tone even, but also hide imperfections.


Conventional ingredients to create powders is  talc, but it's matting property can cause so-called " chalk " effect . That is why in recent years manufacturers are looking for new ingredients in an attempt to reduce talc. For example, "white" quartz powder foundation does not contain it at all. Besides the mineral components of the modern powders typically include extracts of oils, moisturizers and vitamins.


The powder can be applied with brush, fingers or a sponge . The last option provides a more dense cover and is more suitable for people with oily skin. You should choose a round brush with natural soft hair. As a rule, it is the largest brush in the range. It can be round or had a pointed tip ( this brush is convenient to neatly powder the area under the eyes )

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