Can Kundalini Yoga Substitute your Strengthening Routines?

While all yoga seeks to awaken the spirit and the kundalini (your instinctive energy force found at the base of your spine, represented as a coiled snake), Kundalini yoga specifically targets such. Its aim is to develop strength, balance, and awareness, both in the physical and spiritual sense. While many still see yoga as a lightweight exercise, tapping into these energy fields within your system can be very difficult and strenuous.
There are many ways in which you can strengthen your body and Kundalini yoga is one. It will give you the inner strength to make you physically tougher. With a more holistic approach to body shaping and sculpting, what you can gain from Kundalini yoga far exceed the external results. Because this practice is designed to awaken the Kundalini energy, you will be doing a lot of core exercises resulting to a more sculptured core. This form of yoga is heavy on meditation, but it also involves a lot of movements and dancing, keeping your mind and body active thus, building stamina and endurance session after session.

As its purpose is to uncoil and release the good energy within your core, you will not only strengthen that portion of your body, but also your hips and your back muscles, in order to give more support for the succeeding poses. While it is not the most commonly practiced form of yoga in the Western world, beginners can try it out and go at their own pace. As with any yoga, it offers flexibility and stability. What’s great about this is that it does not push you beyond your limit. You can set your own pace, taking baby steps at a time to achieve more inspiring results each day. No one or no machine or equipment is forcing stress and resistance on you; instead, you take your time to build your strength. Kundalini yoga also improves on your nervous system, preparing the body for the rise of the Kundalini energy as you continue to practice.

Indeed, this kind of yoga can replace your strengthening routines. However, it can add extra benefits, taking care of your being, wholly and completely. Called the “yoga of awareness,” Kundalini yoga is intense when it comes to fitness and health. It does particularly good to your physical, mental and spiritual sense ensuring your wellbeing. It aims to raise spiritual consciousness, giving you inner and physical strength. Using both passive and active approaches, Kundalini yoga balances your center and builds a strong core, allowing the positive energy to flow through and out of you.

Not only does it create a strong person, but a strong character as well. By unlocking many of your hidden potential, Kundalini yoga will also bring about values and a sense of self and purpose, harnessing compassion and a desire to heal and help others around you. If you’re looking for a better alternative to your exercise routines that leave you tired and weary, then Kundalini yoga might just be for you. Check out some free videos online and decide if indeed you can create a lifestyle out of it.

Ulia U

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