Yoga Pilates Plus Running Is Maximum Fitness

Yoga Pilates Plus Running Is Maximum Fitness

Yoga Pilates, Yogalates, or Yogilates is the fusion of the practice of yoga with that of Pilates. While

What can practitioners then benefit from fusing these two seemingly identical exercises?

Think about it as getting the best of both worlds.

Yoga focuses on spinal mobility and flexibility while Pilates gives emphasis on building your core muscles. Combining both exercises can actually give you stronger and flexible sets of muscles starting at your core. Both promote proper breathing, stretching and positioning that contribute greatly to better postures. 

While they are very similar, there are also differences in terms of philosophy and foundation. Yoga is meditative in nature. By tapping into the chakras or energies in the different regions of your body, you are creating a positive flow physically, mentally and spiritually. It comes from Indian culture and Eastern philosophies that can be traced back in 3000 B.C.

Pilates, on the other hand, was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early half of the 20th century as a method to achieve physical fitness. Originally called “Contrology,” Pilates teaches you to control your body and mind, to strengthen and give balance to your body. Pilates was a sickly child who turned into a health and fitness buff, getting into gymnastics, bodybuilding, diving and other physical activities. His methods worked as a therapy for injured patients including dancers, athletes and the military in World War 1, but he also conducted classes for anyone who wanted to be more toned and fit.

Yoga Pilates offers a quicker way of getting holistic results, taking the spiritual side of yoga and the rehabilitation or healing aspect of Pilates. It is a two-in-one combo that gives you the best of each practice (some even claim it is less taxing and scary than yoga or Pilates on their own).

If your objective however is to lose more weight, either Yoga or Pilates can’t give you that much-needed weight loss as running. Needless to say, the fusion of both can’t do either. A 50-minute Yoga is said to burn about 145 to 250 calories while a Pilates can burn up to 375 calories. A 50-minute jog can burn as much as thrice especially if sprinting is associated within that span of time.

Running alone though can’t give you the physique that you’d wish to have. It doesn’t have the flexibility of Yoga and the core strengthening of Pilates. But fusing Yogalates and running though can make the difference. You’ll lose maximum weight and sculpt your body to the fullest.

Imagine running 5K twice or thrice a week while doing power Yoga Pilates or Yogalates twice or thrice within that same week. Dropping 25-50 lbs in 12-15 weeks achieving a stronger, more flexible and a more sculpted core, arms and legs? That’s pretty much doable. The inner peace and lesser stress component that you’d pick from Yoga can even help you out in optimizing your food intake and total nutrition. After all, your archenemy when it comes to food is your own self. Meditation can definitely help in controlling your controller -  your mind. Now, that’s definitely maximum fitness! 
many purists and strictly traditional followers of both programs disapprove of this combination, more and more people are enjoying and benefitting from this fusion. First established as Yogilates in 1997, Jonathan Urla developed this combination using his knowledge as a yoga practitioner and a certified Pilates instructor. Louise Solomon though trademarked Yogalates. When she got injured while practicing Yoga, she shifted to Pilates for strength and conditioning. Though she enjoyed Pilates, she missed the flexibility that Yoga was promoting. Thus, she fused the two and came out with Yogalates. Her DVD’s and instructional videos were made available in 2002.

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